On-site Building Audits Uncover Opportunities for Operational Efficiencies That Improve Property Performance

Are you looking to improve your property’s performance, fulfill requirements for environmental building certification, or comply with California state, City of Los Angeles Existing Buildings Energy & Water Efficiency Program (EBEWE) A/RCx, or other local energy and water efficiency reporting requirements? Green Econome’s comprehensive on-site energy and water audits in Southern California ensure quality inspection, survey, and analysis of your property and its consumption. Our team determines the best, most cost-effective path to compliance by performing ASHRAE audits, or verifying exemptions based on your unique needs and budget.

Green Econome’s team can perform ASHRAE Level I, II or III audits through a series of inspections of your property to assess its physical features and identify areas of inefficiency. Our detailed reporting includes the current conditions observed at the property, per ASHRAE level standards, and Retro-commissioning (RCx) report which provides operational and equipment improvement recommendations as well as a cost-benefit analysis. The analysis provides actionable steps and insights into the benefits and value of implementing improvements plus opportunities for incentives to reduce the upfront costs of retrofits. For all audits, Green Econome will meet with you to review and explain the reports.


Lighting Audits

On-site audit

Lighting design, proposal, and cost-benefit analysis

ASHRAE Energy and Water Audits

ASHRAE Level I audits - preliminary walk-though and assessment

ASHRAE Level II audits - building survey and analysis report

ASHRAE Level III investment grade audits – energy modeling and financial analysis report

Retro-Commissioning (RCx) Reports

Operational and equipment improvement recommendations

Cost-benefit analysis

Energy and Water Performance Compliance

Performance compliance evaluation

Exemption verification, audits, or retrofit implementation and compliance submission

Decarbonization analysis and recommendations



Dave Weiner, Class A Office, Sherman Oaks, CA

For 20 years we have had high electric bills because our electrical heating panels were running 24/7. Marika of Green Econome came and audited the building. We installed a control system at Marika’s recommendation for a relatively low-cost investment, and we have confirmed that the electrical heating panels are now off. It only took 20 years and a spot-on consultant like Marika to help us save energy.