Strategic Planning to Improve Energy and Water Efficiency and Meet Science-Based Targets

Finding cost-effective ways to improve energy and water efficiency can be complex and confusing, but Green Econome makes it easy. Through on-site surveys, real-time monitoring, and consulting, we work one-on-one with property owners in Southern California to identify energy inefficiencies and related costs. We collect data to develop a strategic plan for how to improve building performance, reduce energy and water use, and increase the impact of your building’s performance over time. Our goal is to help you meet or exceed your savings objectives.

Our services include utility bill analysis, solar photovoltaic (PV) monitoring, carbon emissions analysis, and data analysis and management. We review your utility bills, then benchmark and audit the property. For more in-depth reporting, we recommend installing real-time energy monitoring for the whole building, or by energy load (we also offer real-time water monitoring solutions). Monthly and quarterly analysis of the energy and solar monitoring data is essential to identify and track whether science-based targets (SBT) are being met.


Utility Bill Analysis

Detailed review of usage trends and anomalies

Detailed review of rate structures and opportunities for savings

Solar Photovoltaic (PV) Monitoring

Dedicated data analytics and support

System monitoring and technical support

Carbon Emissions Analysis

Standardized benchmarking

Tech-enabled carbon accounting and monitoring

Fuel-switching cost analysis

Science based target analysis

Data Analysis and Management

Review of analysis and efficiency recommendations

One-time or on-going energy management

Performance Measurement and Verification


Dimitri S. Dimitri, Warner View Center

We wanted a building that would be able to meet the demands of the next 20 years in terms of energy consumption. It was important to reduce operating costs immediately and on an ongoing basis. Marika at Green Econome is fabulous. She is an expert in her field, delivers what she promises, and was able to gather an excellent team to achieve energy savings.