Accurate Benchmarking Establishes a Building Performance Baseline for Compliance

Green Econome takes an accurate, efficient, and comprehensive approach to ENERGY STAR® benchmarking that ensures you receive meaningful data about the performance of your building for disclosure compliance, ESG reporting, green loans, auditing, or whatever your project needs may be. Our property use details and utility data collection, review, and verification process leads to complete benchmarking, which provides insight into your property’s energy and water consumption.

Through benchmarking, we help you develop a baseline understanding of your property’s performance compared to other similar properties within ENERGY STAR. We file energy benchmarking reports for local and state disclosure laws nationally — such as the City of Los Angeles Existing Buildings Energy & Water Efficiency Program (EBEWE) and California Assembly Bill 802 (AB 802): Building Energy Benchmarking Program – and provide clients with a Progress and Goals report in addition to a performance consultation. During the consultation, we review benchmarking energy and water metrics with you. We can also provide a performance comparison across your portfolio. Then, we give customized, strategic recommendations for improvement.



Accurate and Complete ENERGY STAR Benchmarking

Owner and tenant outreach

Utility data collection, review, and verification

EPA Recognized ENERGY STAR Partner of the Year (2023, 2024)

Benchmarking Disclosure Compliance & ESG Reporting

Benchmarking report submission to local and state agencies for compliance

Benchmarking evaluation for meeting local building performance requirements

Provide benchmarking information in preparation of ESG reporting requirements

Benchmarking for Green Loans, Incentive Qualification

Fannie Mae and other lender building performance requirements

Benchmarking for utility incentive programs and grants requirements

Portfolio Review and ESG Consultation Services

Benchmarking results review and performance comparison across portfolio

Performance improvement consultation


Kathy Sanchez, Royale Management Inc.

As a client of Green Econome, I have been more than satisfied with the energy benchmarking work they have done for me. I have never had to worry whether they would meet any deadlines. They are responsive and thorough with their answers.