Retrofitting and Upgrades Increase Property Energy Efficiency and Market Value

Green Econome analyzes and designs energy and water efficiency retrofits by working with trusted partners to implement technology-driven solutions. As licensed contractors, we provide project management to oversee energy efficiency retrofits such as LED lighting, domestic hot water systems (DHW), HVAC and controls. After implementation, we provide post-installation measurements and verification (M&V) as well as on-going analysis.

Retrofitting your property will help you meet compliance with local ordinances and will improve energy and water efficiency. High-performance buildings have higher market values. There are many utility incentives, rebates, and tax credits available to offset the cost of your project.

For additional energy savings, and to save on Time-Of-Use (TOU) charges, we can combine solar PV and battery storage solutions to reach your zero energy goals. High-efficiency buildings will meet the demand of tenants required to achieve corporate ESG goals.


Project Management

Project design, installation management

Measurement and verification

Incentive management

Energy Efficiency Retrofits

LED lighting and control systems

Energy monitoring systems

Solar window film

HVAC retrofits, thermostats, controls, and optimization

Water Conservation

Water audit

Water monitoring

Control systems for leaks and irrigation

Water sub-metering

Clean Energy

EV charging project management

Solar photovoltaics (PV)

Solar thermal

Battery storage


Denise S., Franklin Park Apartments

Thank you, Marika, and your spectacular team! We have dramatically improved our ENERGY STAR Score by installing low-flow toilets, and shower heads and replacing aerators. The lighting throughout our common areas and parking garage have also been completely replaced and now we are energy efficient.