What are ASHRAE Audits?

ASHRAE, or the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers, provides a set of standards and procedures for conducting commercial building energy audits and analyses. From a Level I walk-through to a comprehensive Level III, ASHRAE audits are a powerful tool for identifying efficiency opportunities.

An energy audit is an inspection and documentation of all aspects of a building’s energy consuming equipment and systems. Based on the audit, recommendations are made for energy efficiency retrofits. An Energy Audit Report provides cost estimates, ROI, and payback period calculations. These reports set an excellent baseline as to the condition of the building and how its performance can improve.

These audits also analyze utility data to understand kWh and kW trends and usage. It is helpful to benchmark the building in the EPA’s Energy Star Portfolio Manager software to see how the building performs compared to similar buildings in the software and in the CBECS Study.


ASHRAE Level I audits provide a high-level overview and understanding of energy inefficiencies along with general suggestions for improvement.


ASHRAE Level II Audits identify comprehensive Energy Efficiency Measures (including equipment upgrades, building control integrations/upgrades, incorporation of sensors and/or controls, sequence of operation modifications, etc.) and the expected energy savings once these measures are retrofitted. 

Once an audit is performed, Green EconoME can provide a proposal for the appropriate retrofits.

What is a Lighting Audit?

A Lighting Audit is an inspection of all of the lighting in a given space. When Green EconoME performs a Lighting Audit, we identify the current lighting conditions in a space by fixture/lamp types, wattage and quantity. From this information we provide a well orchestrated, graphically charged LED retrofit proposal designed by Streamlinx

Green EconoME understands which LED solutions will meet the needs of our client, whether by product type, budget or available incentives. We provide Title 24 solutions to maximize energy savings and work with a team of professionals who keep us abreast of the newest lighting technologies and help support our clients when we evaluate a lighting retrofit. We take the care to do it right and the resulting energy savings are proof that doing an LED retrofit always makes sense! If you didn’t know, most LED lamp replacements provide a minimum 50% wattage reduction. That results in significant cost savings

What is a Water Audit?

A water audit is an inspection and documentation of all aspects of a building’s water consumption. It evaluates all water consuming equipment and systems and documents gallons per minute (gpm) to evaluate how the equipment is performing to current low-flow water requirements and recommendations. 

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