Green EconoME has joined SoCal REN Program as a partnering contractor to create exciting opportunities for our multi-family clients!

What is SoCalREN?

SoCalREN, a service of Los Angeles County, was created to help building owners take advantage of incentives that are being offered for installing energy efficiency retrofits in the SoCalGas® and/or Southern California Edison territory. These retrofits can help building owners and tenants save greatly on energy costs, and incentives can be as much as 60%-75% of the total project cost depending on the energy measures chosen and the unit count of the building. 

Green EconoME will specifically be working with multi-family building owners on two different paths that SoCalREN offers:

The Common Area Path: The common area path is a more accessible path for multi-family building owners to take, as it involves installing retrofits in building common areas (common area lighting being one of the retrofit requirements) and requires only 4% energy savings across two different energy measures.  

The Custom Path: The custom path includes a more extensive project because retrofits can be done in any part of the building, which can also provide substantial energy savings. If a project receives 10% or more energy savings, then the project will be considered on the custom path. 

Who is eligible for SoCalREN Incentives?

To participate in the Program, the multi-family project must meet the following criteria:

  • Be in a property served by either Southern California Edison (SCE) or SoCalGas®.
  • Be in a building that contains a minimum of five connected units.
  • Include at least three energy efficiency measures for Custom Path, two for Common Area Path.
  • Achieve a minimum 10% improvement in energy efficiency for Custom Path, 4% for Common Area Path.
  • Reach project completion and approval within 12 months of the date of reservation.

Are you eligible for SoCalREN Incentives?

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Why use the SoCalREN Program?

Building owners will find that when installing energy efficiency measures, they can: 

  • Save on utility bills
  • Enjoy reduced operating and maintenance costs
  • Increase tenant comfort
  • Contribute to regional environmental improvement goals

Joining Green EconoME and SoCalREN to install these measures gives building owners access to incentives and financing they may otherwise have not known about.

How do I apply for the SoCalREN Program?

Green EconoME is a SoCalREN contractor. Contact us today to get started!