EV Charging Station

“In many U.S. cities, electric vehicles (EVs) are a common sight on roads and in parking lots. And the growth of EV adoption is accelerating. The U.S. will reach one million EVs sold within two years. Approximately one in four new cars sold by 2030 will be electric, and by 2040, more than half will be EVs. Soon, the default car will be an EV that charges whenever it’s parked, whether that’s at home, at work, around town or on a road trip”.

Green EconoME’s first EV Charging Station project launched in April 2018. Although the infrastructure cost to bring power to the station can be expensive, the benefits of offering this convenience to your tenants and visitors has become an attractive perk, that many can appreciate. Providing the option for this lifestyle choice shows that the building is considering the planet and supports those that choose to drive EV’s.

Incentives, rebates, and opportunities for free EV charging stations are currently being offered through LADWP and Greenlots.

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