What are the fines if I don’t comply with EBEWE Phase II A/RCx?

Lots of property owners and managers have received a Notice to Comply with Audits and Retro-Commissioning requirements of the Los Angeles Existing Buildings Energy and Water Efficiency (EBEWE) Program. Many property owners and managers properly comply, but many do not. What happens if you don’t comply?

LADBS has provided comprehensive EBEWE Audits & Retro-Commissioning FAQs. Penalties are outlined in item 17, page 9:

17. What are the penalties if we don’t comply?

SEC. 91.9712 of the EBEWE ordinance puts the non-compliance fee at $202. This fee may be subject to Late fees, Collection fees and interest as defined in LAMC SEC. 98.0411. “Pursuant to L.A.M.C. Section 98.0411 (c), if this invoice is NOT PAID within 30 days of the date of the invoice, an additional 250% late charge/collection fee will be imposed and assignment to a collection agency may be made. After 60 DAYS of NO PAYMENT, interest will accrue at the rate of 12% annually (compounded monthly or portion of a month) until this invoice and any additional charges that have accrued since this invoice was issued have been paid.” Please note that payment of the non-compliance fee does not result in Compliance. The building will remain out of compliance with the City of Los Angeles and, as with any Los Angeles Municipal Code violation, will be subject to further legal action. Additionally, the status of each building (Complied or Not Complied) is posted publicly and, in the future, may be recorded on the property as an open violation.

The Case for Submitting Your EBEWE A/RCx Requirement

Yes, the fine is minimal at $202, but I find it interesting that it notes that the building will remain out of compliance with the City of Los Angeles and, as with any Los Angeles Municipal Code violation, will be subject to further legal action.

Hmm, I wonder with our new Mayor, what this will ultimately mean to those unwilling to be accountable to this Ordinance?

As a reminder, benchmarking a building is similar to determining the financial condition of your property. If it is scoring on the lower half of the ENERGY STAR® scoring of 1 to 100 (with 100 being the best), it shows that the building is energy and water inefficient, which ultimately means someone, you or your tenant(s) are spending too much on costs to operate the building. Of course, inefficient buildings create carbon which isn’t good for our atmosphere, which is the entire point of the EBEWE Ordinance.

But, besides all of that, why wouldn’t you want to understand how your property is performing so you can improve its NOI? It just makes financial sense. Contact us for pricing, or to get started with your EBEWE compliance.

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